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Double seunghyun,
Light up my life.

topri @ 140830 YG Family Concert in Shanghai (cr on logo)

Which member you would like to date?

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t.o.p in tazza 2 trailer

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move your face away you little shit (ノಥДಥ)ノ︵┻━┻・/

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2 dorks…


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HAHAHA LOL Yaoi in Big Bang :P

U know they sooooo practiced this, you don’t just randomly do this….. 

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i wonder why top was more nervous about getting a phone call from the maknae than a total stranger

aegyo version of rock, paper, scissors 

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I can feel that talking with TOP by phone is a hard job.[x]

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Seungwhores - The best moments 2/?

my favourite ship misses me so much

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“TOP has finished filming the movie so he drinks everyday. Sometimes TOP calls up Seungri and asks Seungri if he can go drinking with TOP.”

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